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Welcome to the Start

If you have not read my bio yet, here is a short summary. I am extremely passionate about fighting for representation and true equality, so I became a triple major: Philosophy, Political Science, and Africana Studies.

I was only a handful of quarters away when I realized that my heart was not in attorney work, but writing. Specifically, fantasy writing. How many BIPOC characters do you remember in popular fantasy novels or movies? I would bet that you have not come across many, if any!

This is starting to change, though. Every single voice counts and I want to add mine to the wonderful growing BIPOC community. I want to make stories that transfer to the screen that actually showcases representation and what being human means.

I have gone through quite a bit and these stories serve as my voice, so that I can share things that I don't quite feel comfortable outright saying.

I am going to take you on emotional journeys. I will hold your hand through desperation. I will lift you up through yips of joy. I wish to open your soul to what is possible through the force and wonder of storytelling.

I will beguile you. I will show you the shades of this world. From hidden ruins to new realms and so much more.

Follow me on social media, subscribe for updates and keep an eye out for my books, coming soon.

-Peace and long life-

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