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My Top 3 Adventure, Action & Comedy Anime

Adventure Anime

Let’s begin with the adventure category. Now, all anime fall into several categories and sub-categories. With each anime I mention, I will include everything that I believe is relevant. There are going to be three for every single genre I tackle.

Adventure is one of those that touches the heart a little differently than the others. This brings us as close as possible to the limits of human imagination, especially when it has fantasy elements in it. When we read or watch something with a grand adventure, it calls our soul and shows us the ‘more’ that many of us are constantly seeking in life.

Believe it or not, this author has never seen One Piece or Hunter x Hunter (don’t say the x in this title by the way). These two very much dominate the world of adventure when people are discussing this genre. I plan to one day, but as of yet, there are just so many more that I go through first. So, I do recognize those as popular here, but I'll be bringing up some others.

Inuyasha will forever be the heart of my anime watching heart. Even the name brings up so much nostalgia and excitement to this day. Adventure is meant to bring the fire in your spirit out with hopes and dreams of what the world could look like, if only sort of possible. Inuyasha was the beginning for many of us and watching the journeys each episode and seeing the extent of this entire world was fantastical and fun.

Kyo Kara Maoh is one that is personally a guilty pleasure. It has magic, comedy, some action and several characters helplessly pining over each other. There is also the wonderful trope of a strong character that blushes constantly, which is a little arrow through my BL fanatic heart. You get 78 episodes of someone being thrown into the position of King of Demons and let me tell you, it shows. At least, it shows at first. Yuuri taps into his soul and wows us slowly, with ease and willpower, of what he is capable of. The Isekai theme is done wonderfully and yes, we do have scenes of him at school or his home, but it is overshadowed by the wonders of this fantasy world.

Wolf’s Rain is another one for the must watch list. It is post-apocalyptic with heavy action and a sci-fi feel. Now, this is a shorter story, but the adventure is there and it is the point, much like the essence of the Monkey King story, it’s all about the journey. Although, for anyone that has watched this, we know there is a point to be had in that ending that will pretty much leave you speechless for some time. Paradise is something that we all dream of, but Kiba and his slowly growing group are some lone wolves that go through the city with equal parts hope and dread.

Action Anime

This is another one of my favorite categories. How can you have a story without some nice brutal momentum? When I think of this category, many wonderful titles come to the front of my mind so here are the top three I have chosen to round out this category.

Casshern Sins is a very beautifully done anime. The story is another post-apocalyptic one with heavy doses of action and mystery. Each episode follows Casshern with new characters and themes unraveling with every scene. The action sequences are some of the best that can honestly stand alongside Cowboy Bebop in my humble opinion. The art is truly impeccable and unique along with the backgrounds and character designs of each new face.

Basilisk is a bloodthirsty and raw anime that was even turned into a live action at one point. They weren’t able to grab the true ugliness and horrors of fighting for your life that this anime served us though. The action sequences between the two clans was impressive and had a wonderful addition of the supernatural with it. It has everything you may ever want in an anime, fighting, wonderful animation, detailed fight sequences and an ending that will definitely make you feel some things. The antagonists in this series are the clans themselves and their pledge of honor so we are given a very unique psychological aspect in this one as well.

Mardock Scramble is admittedly a wonderful mix of action, psychological intrigue and sci-fi. There is a dip in the action at one point but when we finally get another scene, they do not disappoint. The art style is definitely beautiful and raw in certain instances. It takes place in a futuristic city and when we go through the city views, it is just phenomenal. Rune becomes part of the technological world around her and we see the toll this can take on a person, especially one that was never meant to be the main character. There are some very heavy mature themes in this one so be aware of that. I will also say that the dialogue is thoughtful and there is never a conversation, just because.

Comedy Anime

I have a few favorites in this category although it is not what I normally seek out. My list on this one is a little limited for that reason.

Assassination Classroom is one that heavily can fall into the action category or even the supernatural. The art here is pretty sub-par, nothing overly special but the storyline is very entertaining and keeps you interested. I adore the witty dialogue or even the fluff at times. This is a very nice easy going anime…at first. Be ready for it to take a serious turn in the second season, though.

Ouran High School Host Club is one that I would love for a remake to be made. The anime showcases all the main parts, but it doesn't pull enough from the manga to dig into the actual storyline. This is an obvious reverse harem that is meant to set things up, rather than tell the story. It is incredibly entertaining despite the lack of cohesion and I absolutely became a favorite of Ritsu. He will forever be my personal ship for Haruhi. Crazy? I know. Anyway, the animation style is nothing to be hyped up over, but it is simple and stays true to its promise. And yes, it is another anime set in a school.

Princess Jellyfish can very well fit into the romance category all on its own, but I personally found this as one of the most entertaining anime I have ever seen. It is absolutely heartwarming and brings you to a different world, just for a moment. Not in a fantastical sense, but the world of the hobby community and what life is really like for those of us who are considered a little more outcast than the average person. You get a wonderful cast of characters that are not meant to be these beyond attractive things bouncing about. You get real situations and real conflicts within a host of personalities and enthusiasts. Our main character is 18 so the draw is more of a josei target and it is a very refreshing look into the beginning life of an adult woman.

There are our first three genre pickings and my personal recommendations and favorites in these categories. Please, let me know your personal opinions and if you have seen any of the ones listed!

Loggin’ off.

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