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Enticing Deceit

Small bells above my door jingled. An older boy with puffy cheeks walked through. 

“Morning of peace, Sage Ilisa,” his head bowed. It was only two seasons ago that he could finally see me over the middle shelves. 

“Morning of peace to you, Koev,” I brimmed with eagerness, giving my guest a toothy grin. 

“My sister is ill, Sage Ilisa. It is just the season's illness, but I wish for her to heal faster. Do you have anything that can help her health along?” He questioned me without hesitation. If only this town knew. 

“I do. I just brewed some healing solutions yesterday. I’ll go grab one.” I turned, informing him in a lower tone, “This will only cost you a single word.”

I returned with the vial and collected my payment. Koev left quickly. He chose the word: float. Being far from water, he knew it was useless to him, and I was more than happy to receive it. Humans had no idea of the power of words. They knew not of the power I gained, away from prying eyes, in this forgotten forest village. 

I walked to my creation room and froze. The solution…I had grabbed the wrong one. I gave him the…NO! I rushed from the shop and to the home of Koev. I burst through the door and saw his body, still as a winter's eve. There was a misshapen creature next to him, trembling. A commotion could be heard from outside, drawing nearer. 

I must leave! They’ll know it was me! I run as screams fill the dewy air behind me. I grab my tome and smash a crystal at my feet. A portal opens. Bells jingle and a voice reaches me. 

“Sage Il-”

“I am no Sage,” I sneer and step through.

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